Broken Computer & RANCID & Joe Strummer

  (a gaggle of thoughts for the day & week).....OK, this has me somewhat upset.  
My computer is 18 months old & I've never had any
problems with it until recently.  Not only do I have at least two nasty STD's on the 
computer, but the power jack is broken!!! :)   The cord won't stay plugged into the 
laptop.  It appears to be loose and it must be wiggled and HELD in just the right way
in order to charge the battery!!!  Kinda' like how your old Walkman headphone jack
would always become loose with age (like my women!) and you'd only get sound out
of one earphone! (Ironically this happened last year with my cheap mp3 player I own!)
I remember holding the plug at a 90 degree angle to get sound from both sides of the 
headphones!  So I've been trying that with the power jack/plug on my laptop.  It WAS
working for a bit.  Now it's become so loose it's very precariously holding in there!  I even
tried a new cord/plug from another laptop my friend has, and that one did the same thing
so now I know it's the jack on my computer not the plus & cord!  UGGGGHHH!  That 
will be a pain in the butt to replace.  Gonna' have to open the laptop and exchange the jack.
My brother can do it for only the cost of a new jack.  I hope it will be that simple, but the
way my life is going it is sure to be more complicated than that.
So I sit at home after a snoozy week, listening to & watching the "Give 'Em the Boot"
DVD put out by Hellcat Recs. & Tim Armstrong (RANCID).   He owns & runs Hellcat
Recs. and they are one of the best semi-independent record labels in the world.
RANCID, Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros,  TRANSPLANTS, US BOMBS, TIGER
ARMY,  and a slew of other bands/artists are on this DVD.  I bought it new on Amazon
for $2 bux a few months ago.  I now have a giant 1080p HD TV in my room so the DVD
looks & sounds great!  I had it cranked singing along to "Rudy Can't Fail" from a live show
from Joe Strummer (R.I.P.)   Damn, I miss you Joe!
I am glad to be home. I got homesick after a few days away on retreat.  (Beautiful Benedic-
tine monastery up in Oxford, MI!)  I came back yesterday a tad bit earlier than expected.
Saw 'Django Unchained' last night with my friend & got very little sleep cuz of bloody insomnia!  Oh snap, made it to Mass this morning  
with nothing on my heart or my lips to confess.  I love doing the 
right thing & loving God.  It pays off.  I had been exceptionally depressed over the past
several months.  The main reason for my retreat was to sort some things out in my head
& in my soul.  I did just that, with my God & my Creator & my Sustainer.   I know what 
to do now.  I know which path to take and which way to go. It's not the one I wanted to
traverse.  Nor with the person I initially wanted to be with for the rest of my life.  I'm not
gonna' say something cheesy like, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade."  But I
will say that I am going to continue moving forward.  I am very blessed to have every-
thing in life that I do.  I am going to make the best of it.  My sobriety is my number one
priority & focus!  All other things are in a close second.  It's as if my life were a triangle
and 'Sobriety' is on the top. (That means: God, church, AA fellowship, 12 steps, etc) and 
family, lovers, friendship, and job are directly underneath.  It actually works out very well
and I've traversed this path before.  Thank God I'm not alone on it.            

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