What Have I Been Reading Lately?

....And what has been & IS on my bookshelves?
I have a limited amount of space where I live, and I would say my books, 
magazines, and journals take up the majority of my personal space.
So I have room for about forty books on my shelf.  The rest of my literature
is kept in large (and small) plastic totes & cardboard boxes.
I regularly rotate books from my shelf to my storage totes, and vice versa.
I am usually reading ten to fifteen different books at any one time.  No, not 
simultaneously silly.  A few pages from this one, a chapter from that one, etc etc.
I plan on making a series of posts on this blog, as to what I'm reading and links to
each book on Amazon or wherever else, if available. 
♥ Always Use Love ♥

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