RANCID Every Album, All Songs in Chronological Order!! & Some of My Musings--

AWESOME!!! Make sure to start from song #1 'cuz YouTube screws up all the time and randomly starts wherever it wants to on users playlists! But listen, this kid compiled all of RANCID's songs, from each album and made one f'n long playlist! Sure, there are a few things missing, like the first 7", the "B-Sides & C-Sides" comp. CD, etc. But heck, this is totally rad! Seriously makes my night!!
See you bastards in the pit! m//r
  [little update Fri nite 9.27.13 --watching the "Give 'em the Boot" DVD and relaxing at home. Writing in my journal, surfing the web, and reading books. This is what I do. And I'm trying to do it with love. Went to Mass today at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church here in Ypsilanti. Nice Mass said by Fr. Bob. Today is the feast day of St. Vincent dePaul. I love you all. m//r ♥♥♥]

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