Jimmy Cliff "One More" Video! Music From the Great Legend!!

New song from the legendary reggae artist Jimmy Cliff, with Tim Armstrong from OPERATION IVY/RANCID/THE TRANSPLANTS playing guitar!!  Really great stuff, especially some of the other videos showing studio footage of the two.  Tim is also the one who released all three of Joe Strummer's (R.I.P.) records (Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros) on his label, Hellcat Records.  Hellcat is owned by Tim Armstrong, and it's kind of a subsidy of Epitaph Records, which is owned by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion.  I think it's just great how older punk & reggae meet up with modern hardcorepunk.  It's a small world after all...LOL, I'll have THAT song stuck in my head for days now. Oy vey!  Seriously, get into this!  Good stuff!! m//r 


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