"Roots Radicals "// "King of the Jungle"// "In The City" Tim Timebomb & Friends --

Pretty cool cover of RANCID's "Roots Radicals" done by Tim Armstrong under the moniker 'Tim Timebomb & Friends'. Is it a "cover song" if you wrote the song to begin with? TA & Friends is, of course, Tim Armstrong aka "Lint" from RANCID, TRANSPLANTS, and OPERATION IVY. This is very cool. This project he's doing has released 80 songs so far! Lots & lots of well done cover songs as well as RANCID songs and some originals. Usually acoustic guitar & piano and also some non-acoustic songs. My favorites so far are "King of the Jungle" by LAST RESORT & "In the City" by The JAM!  I edited this post & put them up after this one.  Damn, there are so many great cover (and originals!) that I could post all 80 or so up here. Just check these ones out then go to YT and listen to them all.  RANCID is playing here in Detroit in less than two weeks. I was originally supposed to go with my friend Ann--an old girlfriend--but I have a feeling that we aren't going together. And to be quite honest I can't really afford the $25+ it will cost. Nothing bad happened between her & I, and we are still friends. I'm just not feeling the whole 'go to a concert and night out on the town' thingy with her. I need to keep some distance because I truthfully have more important things going on in my life at this juncture.

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.--
And hell, may the force be with you too.--

Watch each others backs. 
Not WASH each others backs, WATCH each others backs.-- 

Make room for the next guy.--

Give 'em enough rope.--

Hang on & never let go.--

Never let the bastards grind you down.
With love, m//r ♥

Here's their (his, really) cover of LAST RESORT's "King of the Jungle"


And here is their competent cover of "In The City" originally done by Paul Weller & The JAM!


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