Omni Christian Book Club // Short Tyrant on Zionist Jewish Interests

And yet another Traditionalist Catholic website for your edification!  
This website appears to be much more radical than the others.  In fact I found out about it through the
'Southern Poverty Law Center' site, where they explain that this "Traditionalist Catholic" movement
is anti-Semitic, hateful, and full of a bunch of "hate-mongers!!!"  These reactionist, Jewish Zionist's are so 
bloody quick to label everyone else as "hater's" & are nonstop whining (what Jewish Zionists do best!)
that everyone is 'out to get them,' & how they need endless protection from a plethora of so-called "hate groups," etc.  When pressed they will inevitably bring up the alleged six million, "gassed Jewish innocent's of Hitler's killing machine!"  Oy Vey!!  And you just know that if you DARE to question aspects of this Jewish Holocaust™ you WILL be tarred & feathered & labelled an "antisemite" while they systematically ruin your life.  (See Ernst Zundel, David Irving, etc.)  I just want to move out into the deep, deep woods somewhere, with only my books, blankets, and laptop machine.  
I love each and everyone of you but I can only take so much blind hate, lying, manipulative and mean-spirited behavior, 
before my eyeballs just wanna pop out of my head, my rib cage collapse in on itself, & all is lost.  I try my hardest to remain positive in this world.  I go to Holy Mass, abstain from drink & drug, help others, and pray ceaselessly.  Again, I love each & everyone of you, but I don't LIKE most of you.  Get it?
Peace out. ♥♥♥
Omni Christian Book Club [external link]

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