RVIVR Full Live Set Nov. 18, 2013 // Excellent Melodic Hardcore Punk Inside!! ♥

Great band! Hardcore & hardcorepunk. It's all the same. TERROR? BANE?! TRAPPED UNDER ICE? Hardcore. Hardcorepunk. RVIVR! It's all good to me. Some parts of RVIVR remind me of ooooold MONEEN. Weird. Weird that they sound like old MONEEN or that MONEEN was good at one point?! Both. Remember when SAVES THE DAY was good? '99....First two great albums. Then no more. None no more. 108. On top of the world or on your "Death Bed?" Death Bed, great song. Great watching live videos of that song from 1993. I was there, front & center. Always. SHELTER, 108, FALLING FORWARD, EMPATHY, CHOKEHOLD, STRIFE, INTEGRITY, it's all good. All good to me.

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