This Author is Awesome!! (Israel Book Content!)

The Power of Israel in the United States ( link)

If anyone truly knows the ins & outs of the Zionist stranglehold on America, it is this guy!!  He is new to me, and I have no idea why!


James Petras is a Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton 
University, New York. He is the author of 62 books published in 29 
languages, and over 560 articles in professional journals, including the 
American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social 
Research, Journal of Contemporary Asia, and Journal of Peasant Studies. 
Journal of Peasant Studies.  He has published over 2000 articles in 
nonprofessional journals such as the New York Times, the Guardian, the 
Nation, Christian Science Monitor, Foreign Policy, New Left Review, Partisan 
Review, TempsModerne, Le Monde Diplomatique, and his commentary is 
widely carried on the internet.   His publishers have included Random 
House, John Wiley, Westview, Routledge, Macmillan, Verso, Zed Books and 
Pluto Books. He is winner of the Career of Distinguished Service Award from 
the American Sociological Association's Marxist Sociology Section, the 
Robert Kenny Award for Best Book, 2002, and the Best Dissertation, 
Western Political Science Association in 1968.

He has a long history of commitment to social justice, working in particular 
with the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement for 11 years. In 1973-76 he 
was a member of the Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Repression in Latin 
America. He writes a monthly column for the Mexican newspaper, Le 
Jornada, and previously, for the Spanish daily, El Mundo. He received his     
B.A. from Boston University and Ph.D. from the University of California at 

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