CHAIN OF STRENGTH "True Till Death" circa 1988 [Full 7" ep] & Live at Destroy LA Fest 2013

Original 7" record. Sounds like it IS ripped straight from the vinyl! Meaning it sounds fkn great! I never got too into this band when they were around. In fact I think the first time I heard them was on the Revelation Records "In Flight" CD sampler they were sending out for free, back in 1995 or so. Watching the COS reunion shows video's over the past year has been great! (That sentence doesn't sound grammatically correct.) Certainly odd to see guys in their mid-40's still tearing things up, straightedge hardcore style. I'm gonna post the live at Destroy LA Fest 2013 video here. I love the drummer & the fully sound he gives the band. A different take on the simple hardcore beat.


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