SAMIAM "Don't Break Me'' Live in Philly 9-25-93 [With Lyrics]

"Sitting in the corner 

 Don't know what to think 

 I can't speak 

 I sink a little deeper with every drink 

 I try to sleep
I shut my eyes 

 Like a leaky faucet fear floods the room 

 The one that drips away 

 Patiently by day 

 It was either lost or it was stolen but
It's been missing for too long 

 I woke up one morning 

 I couldn't see the sunrise 

 I can't recall

The exact moment now 

It began some time ago 

 And it makes me wonder 

after all I've done 

 What have I got to show? 

What have I got to show
What have I got to show" 

 I'm aggravated
I'm what you created 

 Now don't break me"

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