FRAIL "Make Your Own Noise" // Real Emotional Hardcore aka "Emo"

FRAIL were a fantastic emotion hardcore, aka "emo" band from Pennsylvania, who
were active in the early to mid 90's.  I never got to see them that I recall.
I had three of their 7" records released on: Earthwell Recs, Kidney Room Recs, 
and Bloodlink Recs.  Later on, maybe in '99 or so, Scott Beiben of Bloodlink
Records released all of FRAIL's music onto one convenient CD format.
"Make Your Own Noise" is the name of it.
FRAIL play very loose, chaotic, jangly political hardcore.  If you guessed
that they were on the far left of the political spectrum, you'd guess correctly.
Polar opposite of my political beliefs, but a fantastic band nonetheless.
This music is emotionally drenched hardcore punk.  Not the tough guy kind 
of hardcore, but the introspective political type.  Well done.  I forgot what the
members went on to do afterwards, but I think one of the dudes played in gothic
influenced post-hardcore band, INK & DAGGER.  They released something on 
Initial Records, formerly out of West Bloomfield, MI but relocated to Louisville,
Ky, run by the talented business man Andy Rich.  Initial Recs are the folks who
put on 'Krazy Fest' every summer during the late 90's / early '00's.


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