CURRENT (Detroit Hardcore Emo Band)

This band was so so so awesome.  I didn't get into them until the tail end of their life-span.  I'd always seen their flyers, since they opened so many damn hardcore shows in southeast Michigan.  Headlined plenty of smaller shows also.  I may have even accidentally bought a 7" of theirs.  Wait, I think I had the "Coliseum" album they did, without listening to it for about two years.  I probably bought it because they were local and I tried to aggressively support the local hardcore scene as much as possible.  I think everyone did that, unlike nowadays when folks only come out to see a bigger touring band.  Hey, I'm one of them too!!!  Oh snap!!!
OK, the singer of CURRENT, Matt Weeks, also owned and ran Council Records --one of the best record labels of the '90's!  A bit later he played in OTTAWA, NEMA, DEARBORN SS, and the highly underrated and slept on, CALVARY.  Not too sure what he's up to currently but I'm sure I'll find out soon.  Maybe e-stalk him for a minute, then flip the script and report back here.  Keep your eyes open....   All jokes aside he's someone I would seriously love to interview for this blog and the 'zine I've been trying to poop out since time immemorial!

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