Video: "411" Live in Long Beach, CA 1991 // Dan O. from NO FOR AN ANSWER & CARRY NATION -- Super Rare Footage

Great full show from 411 around the "This Isn't Me" album / tour back in 1991!! Pretty rare stuff actually, considering there's just not a lot of live 411 on YouTube -- or anywhere else on the interwebz for that matter.  In case you didn't know, Dan O'Mahoney, the singer of 411, also sang in NO FOR AN ANSWER, CARRY NATION, SPEAK 714, GOD FORGOT, and more recently another band whose name escapes me at this moment. He also wrote an excellent column for MRR (Maximum Rock-n-Roll) fanzine during, I believe, the late 90's thru early 90's. Or maybe early to mid 90's. I've always loved Dan's vocal delivery, and for the most part, his lyrical content.  Dan O. is no longer straightedge, and he owns a bar/club somewhere in Cali.  Regardless, he's still a solid guy in my book (though admittedly I've never met him & don't know him --I just feel like I do through his music and his well written monthly articles from MRR) and a hardcore punkrock legend of sorts. 
This video (and many, many great others like it) were recently uploaded to YT via a great new channel called "Come Join Friends."  Lots of awesome 80's/90's hardcorepunk like SHELTER, YOUTH OF TODAY, GORILLA BISCUITS, INSIDE OUT, and several other Revelation Records bands and straightedge stuff.  Subscribe to their channel to keep abreast of their new (old) videos on YT and get into it!! -Always Use Love, m//r.

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