Dead Car, Dead Cat, Dead Life: But Here I am, Still Alive & a Thorn in the Side to the World at Large~

Went outside this afternoon to my car, to pick my mama up and take her grocery shopping, and my CAR WOULDN'T START!!  Dammit!!  Borrowed my roommate's car & managed to still get my grocery shopping done as well as take mama shopping.

My cat, Mikey, is dying.  His internal organs are slowly shutting down.  I get the lovely pleasure of taking him to the Humane Society to be put down.  I hate this part of "owning" pets. Sigh. 

 UPDATE 3/26/2014 Two weeks ago my brother & his pal took Mikey to the Humane Society for "end of life services" as they call it. $75 to have Mikey put down. They shaved a small part of his fur in order to administer the deadly poison. The usually docile & timid cat hissed and then growled at the world & the vet. Once last "fuck you" he spit out, before giving up the ghost. R.I.P. Mikey. You were a lovely cat, except when you shit on the floor & lost the will to live. I WILL see you in heaven, no matter what any religious dogma might say about it. :(

Someday we will all "give up the ghost."  Be prepared.

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