What I'm Reading This Week:

Saint Charbel  by Paul Daher.  St. Charbel is an obscure monk in the Eastern Christian tradition.

Father Arseny 1893 - 1973  translated by Bouteniff.  This book is great!  Basically it is a compilation of stories & anecdotes about Fr. Arseny, mostly during his incarceration in Communist Russian Gulags.  This holy man had it rough, but somehow persevered.  Great uplifting stores.  I really enjoyed learning about this priest & I always love reading about Soviet Russia.  WOW!  20 Million people were killed in the name of communism!  That's like four times the amount of people killed in Nazi jails.  Why do we hear so little about the plight of humans during this era?

Becoming Orthodox  by Peter Gillquist.
Magic & Mysticism  by Arthur Versluis
The Desert Fathers Sayings of the Early Christian Monks
Orthodox Prayer Life: The Interior Way  by Matthew the Poor
Saint Elisabeth the New Martyr  by Ludmila Koehler
Bill W.: A Biography of Alcoholics Anonymous Co founder Bill Wilson  by Francis Hartigan
Saint Bernard: The Oracle of the 12th Century  by Rev. Hugo H. Hoever, S.O. Cist.,Ph.D

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