Several of the Things I'm reading today~

The Faithful Steward, issue 39  This is a 16 page newsletter of the Orthodox Church of N. America!  It has some short articles & interesting write-ups of Orthodox happenings & church issues.

The Biographies of the Prince of Martyrs, St. George the Roman, St. George the Alexandrian & St. George Al-Mozahem.  Edited by Ms. Amani Shawky

Voices: Women for Faith & Family.  --Pentecost Season 2011

  A beautiful looking magazine put together by some Catholic women's group.

Saint Nersess Theological Review, vol. 13 2008.  Journal of the Armenian Seminary
 Lots & lots of compact & heady articles.

30 Days Magazine .... several older issues a friend sent to me recently.  This is a Vatican magazine,
subtitled, "In the Church & in the World."   I love it.  One issue has a great article about the Orthodox Christians and the Holy Theotokos (birth-giver of God).

Immaculate Heart Messenger, Oct - Dec. 2011
Religious Life (from the Institute on Religious Life.)
The Catholic World Report
The American Conservative
The Word  (Orthodox Christian monthly magazine. Beautifully
put together & insightful to read!) 

Light...on a New World   Attractive 1/2 sized Protestant magazine from England.

Parabola   That informative & educational 'New - Age-ish' magazine. Lots & lots
of cool articles on Buddhism.

Adoremus Bulletin  Monthly newspaper published by The Society for the
Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy

Horizons  Newspaper of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma (Ohio)
Saudi Aramco World  Magazine published by the
oil company of the same name. Cool articles on what's happening in the Middle East.

The Melkite Handbook & A Guide for the Domestic Church
   A couple of  large sized
books put out by the Melkite Church in MA.

The Journal of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives   This is really cool!  Just received this from a super cool Rev. at a Buddhist monastery in California.  Great articles & stories!  I can't wait to read more...I've got two thick issues.  Looks like a cut-n-paste punk 'zine!

Pure Land, Pure Mind   This great book is a collection of talks by a Buddhist monk of the
Pure Land sect of Buddhism.  You didn't know there were different sects within Biddhism?
Neither did I until I started exploring that religion.  I obtained about twenty books from these
monks in Taiwan.  All free of charge, of course. Buddhists are just like that!

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