[Video] TERROR "The Most High" // Some of Scott Vogel's Other Bands as Well....

TERROR have always been one of my all-time favorite contemporary hardcore bands. Actually, every band that Scott Vogel has been in have made great music with great meaning: BURIED ALIVE, DESPAIR, SLUGFEST, and even FADEAWAY which he played drums in. All of them, all of his bands are fantastic. He is hardcore for life. I like to think I am too. And at 44 yrs old, I guess I am. I think Vogel is 42 or 43. He's a lifer, like Toby & the H2O clan, FMB & MADBALL, SOIA, AGNOSTIC FRONT, and even SLAPSHOT, to an extent. Who else....Aaron Bedard & BANE (Aaron turned 46 on the "Life & Death" tour a few months ago. Viva la hardcore, & viva la lifers! 

BURIED ALIVE full set in Rochester, NY 1998

BURIED ALIVE "Kill Their Past" audio clip 

DESPAIR live at Detroit Fest 1997

SLUGFEST full-length CD (the 7", plus some other stuff)

SLUGFEST opening with two cover songs! Scott Vogel is so fkn into this, I love it!!

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