One of the most succinct Holocaust™ Revision/investigation videos I've ever seen.  It gets to the point & sticks to it.  The evidence for gas chambers is nil.  The 6 million number has been debunked by the OTHER SIDE of the debate, the pro-holocaust hopefuls.  I have a few books that mention many times that "six million Jews were in danger," "six million Jewish souls may perish" etc etc etc, and this is all speeches, newspaper, and magazine articles from around 1910 til the end of WWI.  Yes world war ONE & earlier.  The 6 million number was pulled out of the ass of a fellow racist, xenophobic, Zionist. Yes, Jews were persecuted, abused, rounded up & shipped all over Europe.  But bear in mind that Jews & Jewish communities worldwide declared (economic) war on Germany, not the other way around!!  And the Jews were mighty powerful to the economy of Germany, the universities, the media, and the banking system. (Much like here in the USA!!)

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