Excellent Documentary "JFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick"

An excellent documentary movie!!  Reserve four hours to watch this.  Backs up countless "conspiracy theories (truths)."  I am a Pro-Life-Libertarian-semi-conservative-Catholic-punkrock-hardcore "kid."  I am also generally open minded, open to change and revisionism, and interested in Eastern theology & some Gnostic teachings.  My point being: open your mind, let some new ideas in & points of view be entertained.  I like small government and even smaller government. I don't like most of the media due to the fact that about a dozen conglomerates own ALL the television channels, ALL the newspapers, ALL the magazines, ALL the Hollywood studios, as well as a huge portion of the most popular/most used internet sites.  Media moguls are (with rare exception) Talmudic Jews--Zionist's who own & operate these enormous businesses.  Therefore, we almost always get a one sided story, ESPECIALLY with anything concerning Israel.  It's terrible, disgusting and horrendous the manner with which the soulless Israeli's are holocausting the Palestinian people.  So now Jews have enormous amount of power actually.  Each year--based on new evidence using new technology--the official number of Jews that perished in Germany's concentration camps declines while the current Palestinian Holocaust death toll increases.  Yikes!

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