" David Stein/Cole on the Holocaust &Historical Revision " [Great New Interview After Nearly 20 Years]

Very interesting interview with David Stein, aka David Cole, Jewish former Holocaust historical revisionist. He was a victim of an attempted murder & driven underground for nineteen years by a Jewish terrorist organization. Stein/Cole is NOT a "Nazi." He's still Jewish & he's still an historical revisionist. He got interested in Holocaust & general historical revisionism to PROVE them WRONG, but instead found HIMSELF proven wrong. And for that, he paid the price by going underground for nearly two decades. This guy is incredibly smart, level-headed, spiritual, and thirsty for the truth. The irony of ironies is that in no less than fifteen countries worldwide it is a FELONY to even question most aspects of the Jewish Holocaust™. I hate Nazis. And I also hate the idea of propagating contrived lies about an already terrible war, throwing innocent old men--scholars, authors, professors, and family men--into PRISON for thought crimes!! WTH?!? Fortunately in America historical revisionism is NOT a crime....yet. Any history buffs out there, like myself, know that history is CONSTANTLY being revised. From the pyramids at Giza, to the American Civil War, the "discovery" of the Americas, to the Russian revolution of 1917, and "Operation Paperclip" in the USA post WWII, history is ALWAYS being revised, simply as a matter of course. Yes, the Jewish Holocaust is a sensitive topic, but putting people in jail for asking probing questions, conducting forensic tests & experiments, questioning "eyewitnesses," revisiting the proceedings of the Nuremberg trials, unearthing & translating old, never before seen documents, etc etc. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love history & theology. This stuff fascinates me!! But let's cut the crap here: Without constantly re-living what may or may not have happened in Europe from 1933 to 1945, Israel--as a nation with an unquestionable right to exist--quickly de-legitimizes. Fifteen countries that can & will throw you in the slammer for asking probing questions. No, not inciting hate, not promoting National Socialism, none of that. Oh and by the way, in 1989 the official Auschwitz Museum in Poland replaced their former descriptive plaque of "events" that transpired there, from "4 Million Lives Lost" to "1.5 Million." This was done without any fanfare & very little press coverage. Now think about this: A discrepancy of 2.5 MILLION BODIES!! WTH?!? Bear in mind that this was done NOT by revisionists but by mainstream Holocaust™ historians! Therefore the official death toll SHOULD shrink to 3.5 mil, simple math. But this would require updating millions upon millions of textbooks, articles, stories, movies, etc. That's why this revised plaque was installed without much ado. And finally, to this day, we have yet to see ONE single autopsy where the cause of death was from Zyklon B. Be afraid, my friends. I know you & I know you hate Neo-Nazis, fascists, Communists, & all forms of totalitarian governments. But the idea that one can be jailed for a THOUGHT CRIME?!? Damn. Damn. Damn. 

>>>>>Off the top of my head, I thought of a few relevant books that are in my bedroom library relating to this topic. NOT including a plethora
of overtly revisionist books & journals that I have, mostly on my Kindle:

"War & Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust" by Doris L. Bergen 

"Nazi Propaganda & the Second World War" by Aristotle A. Kallis 

"The Holocaust & Genocides in Europe" by Benjamin Lieberman 

"Is the Holocaust Unique: Perspectives on Comparative Genocide" ed. by Alan S. Rosenbaum 

"Julius Streicher: Nazi Editor of the Notorious Anti-Semitic Newspaper Der Sturmer" by Randall L. Bytwerk 

"Giant with Feet of Clay: Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the Holocaust" by J├╝rgen Graf

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