PROPAGANDHI "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes" (Entire, Full Album) Get Into It!!

I've always passed on PROPAGHANDI, slept on 'em, ignored them as another Fat Wreck band....NOFX wannabe's, too mainstream, etc. I heard the singer is in recovery from addiction. Oh wait, I did have one of their records, "How to Clean Everything," that I bought on vinyl from "Coffee Joe's" the record store / cafe that was in Ypsi's Depot Town for a short while. But I honestly MAYBE listened to it once, at the most. OK, recovery...."The Phenomenon of Craving?" Was that a song of theirs or an album? I need to look it up. But whatev's, this album is great! I hear some lyrics here about "straightedge," "eating mushrooms," and other relevant stuff.
There's only so many bands you can be into, right? I'm really glad I'm still alive! There's still TOOONNNNNN's of hardcore bands to hear! My goal in life is to listen to EVERY single hardcorepunk band ever formed & recorded.

(Audio only)

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