Nikki Sixx: "The Heroin Diaries" free book in .pdf form (A Really Nicely Done Transfer!)

"The Heroin Diaries" by Nikki Sixx

I have yet to read his book.  To be honest I've tended to avoid it over the years beacuse I was told it wasn't well written and it simply meandered between terrible "smack" binges.  I'm reading bits of it currently.  Perhaps I'll snag a physical copy from one of the many dollar bins where I've eyeballed this book.  Nevertheless, Sixx is a survivor, and I earnestly believe he knows what he's writing about.  Perhaps that's what is scaring me the most....this is a topic near & dear to my hardened heart.  I've lost too many friends & family to this cunning disease of addiction & vice.   My book--God willing--will be available one day.  Stay free.  God is Love.  Trust Him.

Here's a nice excerpt that kinda' sums it all up: 
"Addiction was my downfall and yet it’s been the very
thing that has given me a spiritual connection and
awareness that I never thought existed. Quitting drugs and
alcohol was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and has given me the most satisfaction. I’m actually glad I’m an addict,
’cause through recovery I have the ability to give back."
Beautiful. Amen.

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