HARM'S WAY 3/23/13 at Refuge Skate Shop, Dearborn, MI ...The Heaviest Band Around Today!! // Couple of Recordings as Well--

Something about HARMS WAY (not to be confused (as if that were possible!) with the band of the same name from Ann Arbor back in the 80's - 90's) sound is really haunting & full. The sound in this live video is really, by the way. They almost sound like one continous chord is being played in the not-so-subtle background, while a mid-paced metallic hardcore band is jamming over it. Elements of HARVEST & GUILT (circa' "Synsthesia") come to mind, but with a more monotone vocal sound. The most memorable part of HW is the singer, John Cena incarnate as a metal head punk rock hardcore kid. That dude is beast! To mimic an overused adjective for him. I honestly haven't listened to much of their recorded stuff. Simply not enough time or maybe I haven't found a download for them yet. But this IS a band I would buy music from --both vinyl & CD. Money prevents me from doing this at the moment.
Anyhow, here's their first (I think) 7" record & another e.p. to check out.

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