"The Kosher Seal Revealed" Br. Nathanael Video Blog--

Brother Nathanael is an ex-Jewish, current Orthodox Christian priest & monastic. He creates these ongoing vlog's about the dangers of Zionist subversion in American politics & society. As a former Jew, I think what he has to say is succinctly spot on! I DO NOT think he is doing this in a hateful, mean spirited way. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow & many folks first reaction is to scream, "Racist! This is antisemitic blasphemy! No good, we can't have this crap! Holocaust! Holocaust! 6 million...." Well, you get the point. It's unfortunate that a certain sub sect of Zionist Jews have given such a bad name to the common Jew & Judaism in general. This video is a great example of an entire nation pandering to a small, small group of people (kosher-keeping Jews) at the expense of the majority. I for one, learned a lot while investigating this kosher food racket! Hopefully it will pick your interest & you will investigate for yourself. m//r

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