9.29.2013 Get Your Mind Blown??

Wanna' Hear a Whopper? it was, so shall it be.  My mind is completely & utterly blown away!!  I have seen some crazy, nutty, oddball stuff in my life, but NOTHING like today!!  I'm in shock.  I mean and humored.  Never. Have. I. Seen. Anything. Like. This.   Yes, after the initial shock, came the incredible humor.   My friends & I were/are laughing so fucking hard!!  This is one story I will want to remember & repeat for the rest of my life!!  Good one.
Got the day off today so I was re-watching an old classic!
One of my favorite movies as a kid......"Pinocchio!"
It's just so cute (and kind of sad!) how Pinocchio's nose grows larger & larger as he lies more & more. It's as if he has some kind of curse or something?!


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