Israel & Their "Zionazi" Bullying Tactics--

Unbelievable!!  Israel (the rogue terrorist nation that has the US swinging from it's kosher nuts) sits on hundreds-if not thousands-of nuclear warheads & other WMD's, yet has the GALL to DEMAND that Iran, "dismantle it's nuclear energy (& enrichment?--where's your proof, Zionazi?) program immediately" or face consequences...etc.  If the average American isn't smart enough to see this blatant show of hypocrisy, arrogance, and "Zio-bullying," than we as a nation are doomed.  
I for one am FED THE FUCK UP with global Jewish domination in everything from banking, academia, media mogul-ship, and politics, to all around guilt-tripping & GENOCIDE (aka ethnic cleansing, and holocausting (to steal back a word the Zionist's stole)).  Why the hell does almost EVERY academic & university publisher have a "Jewish Studies" or "Holocaust Studies" series or line of books?  This isn't a rhetorical question.  Again I ask, why?  Jews in America comprise 1.8% of our total population.  (Though they are far, FAR from the "persecuted minority" that they would have you believe they are!  According to some prominent sociologists the Jewish people are the most powerful ethnic minority on the face of the earth!  Though this hardly comes as a shock to anyone who has studied these people as long as I have.)  In writing this, I have answered the question that I posited, I suppose.  Jews dominate academia and have gradually seen to it that there are plenty of manuscripts that get published into books via university presses from coast to coast.
How is it that Israel (Jews) have managed to commit mass genocide & the holocausting of the Palestinian people?  I'll tell you how: They have successfully brainwashed the majority of the planet into believing that there were 6 million completely innocent Jews murdered in cold blood at the hands of the big, bad, mean Germans.  They took the word "holocaust" and co-opted it into their own, using a capital 'H' with it (I prefer to write it like thus: Holocaust™ instead.)  It sure has made a LOT of people a LOT of money, namely Steven Spielbucks!  After all, ain't no business like Shoah business!  (For the newbies out there, "Shoah" is the Hebrew word for the Holocaust™.  Apparently they have been planning & preparing for this since Hebrew was first invented!)

The "6 million killed" myth has long since been smashed.  It's about time mainstream textbooks got with the program & updated their books.  If you still want to argue this with me, I'd be more than happy to go toe-to-toe with you.  There has never been ONE SINGLE AUTOPSY on a body that was killed in a "homicidal gas chamber" during WWII.  Not one.  And there were THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of autopsies performed on bodies immediately following the close of WWII.  Speaking of "homicidal gas chambers," where are/were they?  No one has EVER been able to prove they existed.  Mass hysteria & vile rumors somehow turned into FACT.  Alas, it's about as factual as "Jewish fat turned into soap."  Or, "Jewish skin made into lampshades."  Both of which were "fact" in the late 1940's through the late 1960's, until the fact's became fiction.  (Reminds me of a wise & learned Hindu scholar who, while describing science & historical events says, "we used to KNOW, but now we THINK..." ad infinitum.)   Do a Google search on the Jewish use of the number '6 million.'  They've been using it for ages for countless things.  But what actually scares me are the publication claiming "6 million Jewish lives will be lost..." and other uses of that magic number just prior to and during WORLD WAR ONE!!  Yes, WWI, NOT WWII.  Wow.  In-fucking-credible.  I couldn't make crazier shit up!   Look around for yourself.  Do some research.  Don't just take my word for it (as if anyone ever does anyway!)   And don't ever stay silent when someone tries to call you antisemitic.  That's a bullshit made up term.  Most Jews aren't Semitic anyhow, they are Khazarian. 

Lemme shut up now and take my ass to bed.
Peace in the middle east, for real. ♥ m//r

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