How Did It All Go So Wrong?? // Another 'Wounded Love' Post by Yours Truly ~

I had this chick I used to love......I "had" her?   Who has who?  Or whom.
No one can "have" anyone else.  Even if it's an offer for a vagina or a penis, you (I) 
can't "HAVE" it.....only "borrow" it at best.  I guess.  Confusing.  Confusion.
Confucius confuses.
So does LSD, DXM, DMT, 5-HTP, etc, ETC, etc
Lost Sheep.
Lost Sheep.
Can I simultaneously hate AND love a person at the same time??
Why not?

What went wrong?  When we were together it seemed like, "love is in the airrrrrr..."
Sic the cops on someone?
Talk shit online about a person's large nose?  Really, c'mon.
Huh?  What. The. Fuck??
What went wrong?
What went wrong?  The cinder-block walls are a beige/off white color.
Too much.
Too much for me.
She was there.
You were there.
"The Last 90 days of Beige"
followed by
red red red red red red red (and vomit).
Saint Joseph, foster father to humbly submitted to God's
will for you.  
Saint Joseph embraced me.
Helped me.
Healed me.
She was there.
You were there.  Washcloth on my forehead, tubes in my penis.
Ventilator.  Breath in. Breath out. Breath in, Breath out. Breathin/Breathout.
I'm choking, I'm choking, I'm choking.  Can you see me? Can you hear me?
Don't Stop!!

She loved me & I loved her.  I will always miss her, a little bit.

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