Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture at EMU, Oct. 7~

This sounds really cool!  Exactly the kind of stuff I'm interested in, history & theology and apocryphal literature.  EMU Jewish Studies group is hosting a talk on, "The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls," next Monday Oct 7.  Dr. Matthias Henze from Rice University will be the presenter.  This is neat because I recently downloaded some papers that Dr. Henze wrote, while I was reading about his studies of Old Testament literature, including the apocryphal books at the Rice University website.   The best thing about this is that admission is gratis!   Glad I picked up the latest issue of "Washtenaw Jewish News" at the library tonight.

Went outside for a cigarette a little while ago & decided to go for a walk around downtown Ypsilanti, not something that I (or most other people!) do very often.  But heck, the weather is beautiful tonight.  Wow, Ypsi sure is quiet this evening (and yes, that's a GOOD thing!)  Went to Abe's Coney Island & bought the best Gyro sandwich I've had in ages!  $2.99, can't beat it!!

Picked up seven new books at the library tonight also.  My goal is to read every worthwhile book at the library, since I live 150 ft away!!  LOL, sounds like a lofty goal, but what the hell.

Quiet night here at the m//r headquarters also.  Just chillin' & talking to friends online.
Life is good afterall.
♥♥♥ m//r

p.s. If there are any unwanted subscribers/followers/readers/Pinnochio's/Bozo the Clown's to mass//retaliation, get the fuck off of my blog or I will consider it harassment from here on out. 

p.p.s. I love it when time moves slow.
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