Can't Trust Them, Never Could-- [Short Rant About the Cops Inside]

The stinkin' cops just came to my house, ostensibly looking for one of my roommates. The first cop asked if he could come in, & I thought about it for a couple of minutes, then said, "yeah, I suppose you can enter."   Fortunately for me I have enough experience with the cops to know that I don't HAVE TO LET THOSE BITCHES IN MY DWELLING PLACE WITHOUT A VALID WARRANT!!   Though realistically it usually does make things go smoother, both in the short term & the long run.  Next, the officer asked to see my drivers license, probably to verify that I WASN'T the roommate they were looking for.  So I let him see my ID to prove I wasn't my "wanted" roommate.  Next, the bloody Sgt. showed up!  WTF?!?   I asked him what this was about, even speaking calmly & politely & addressing him as "sarge."  In true police fashion--he played stupid.  (Which he is, I don't doubt.  But I know that he knew what all this hoopla was about.) Basically what either of the two coppers could tell me was, "he's not in any trouble, we are just concerned about him and trying to find him to be sure he's safe."  My roommates been back 'on the bottle' pretty hard, and I bet he's got his family & friends worried  about him.  Perhaps he told one of them that he was going to kill himself or do something else drastic.  Shit drunk people say when they get uber emotional.  I honestly hope he's OK & I'll be sure to keep him in my prayers.  Hopefully this is one of the FEW times where the pigs really are out to "protect & serve."  'Nuff said.

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