Billy Bragg "The Price I Pay for Loving You" // Bad Luck for Life~

One of the greatest love songs ever written! Really makes me think of my ex-wife Kelly, all that I did wrong, and if I'll ever find true love again. There is an ocean full of women, and I'm fishin' in a mud puddle. All I can come up with is homely as hell women with big noses, drug raddled junkie women, and highly dysfunctional bi-polar types. Yup, I'm guilty of it: Trying to turn a ho into a housewife. One of my ex-girlfriends, who is HIGHLY vindictive, cut the brake lines to my mother's car--the car I was using to take her out on dates with!! Yes, as unbelievable as it my seem, she did this!! Who the hell cuts someone's car brake lines? You can kill a person this way, as well as other innocent people on the road. This is about as downright nasty and scandalous as they come. This is the kind of person I date! Damn, mud puddle is right. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, what is this world coming to???  Maybe I'll just lock myself in my home & listen to Billy Bragg forever & ever......

I cannot tell a lie...I mean I'm lying, & that's the truth! I mean I don't lie, and THAT'S the truth...or is it? I'm not lying, my nose just kept growing & growing & growing, but honestly I'm not lying!!

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