?? Where Do I Begin [ And Where Do I End? ] // The Gospel of St. Luke & Holy Mass Today--

Ahhhhh, a gloomy, dark, rainy, overcast, chilly, windy Sunday.  Woke up early, shave, shower, and dressed.  I went to my old house last night & picked up my mail (four new books had arrived) and several articles of clothing.  Needed some of my dress shirts & slacks (anyone who knows me, knows that I rarely get dressed up) to wear to Mass today.  I also grabbed two dozen other books & magazines from my piles upon piles of "stuff."  Anyhow, as I said it was a nasty day today--I am drained of all motivation & energy--but still made it to church.  And I'm glad I did!  Yes, it is a "mortal sin" to miss Sunday Mass for no real reason at all.  Though certainly God knows what's on my heart & what all I have been going through (can anyone say "Suboxone withdrawal" please?) & only HE can judge me & decide if I commit a mortal sin by missing Mass.  Okay, okay, it was a great "service" today!  (Wow that sounds real Protestant of me!)  Father Ed wasn't there, so Father Pat said Mass.  Fr. Pat is a British man, with a HEAVY accent.  It is real hard to follow him sometimes.  But the most important part, for me--besides receiving Holy Eucharist, the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ--was the Gospel reading.  We read from St. Luke's Gospel about the rich man who was robed in fine linen, while Lazarus--covered in sores that were licked by the dogs--sat outside begging for scraps.  When they died Abraham grabbed Lazarus up & embraced him.  The rich man died and went down, down down into the flames.  He was hot, burning up, and looked up & saw Lazarus there with Abraham.  The rich man sad, "father Abraham, please ask Lazarus to dip his finger into some water & wet the tip of my tongue, for I am burning up down here."  I am paraphrasing that part of the Gospel, but you get the gist of it.  Wow.  The reading goes on to say that the rich man had it all when he was alive and Lazarus had nothing.  He didn't give Lazarus the time of day, now he wants some water.....hmmm.

Well my friends and blog readers (all six of you) let's remember to not cast people aside based on how they look or smell or act or whatever.  You never know when you may be dying of thirst and that person you judged & ignored is in possession of a giant jug of ice water!!

Cleaned the heck out of my house today, put some books on my new shelves, and did some reading & napping.  Time to repeat those last two.

I love you all. Take care of one another. ♥♥♥ m//r

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