Moved Into a New House // Books // Love Lost, etc...

Last weekend I moved into a nice, old (and I mean OLD) house right behind the Ypsilanti public library off of Michigan Ave.  I live with two other Catholic men, who are living as close as one can live, as a third order Benedictine oblate.  This is something I've wanted for a while now.  This week I also, unexpectedly, was discharged from probation!!!  Yay for me!  "God is doing for me what I cannot do for myself."  I'm still in the process of moving my belongings from my old place, as well as all the "stuff" in my two storage units.  Oy vey!  I have well over 5000 books, and I am sooooo stoked to be able to have them all properly displayed on the beautiful bookshelves we're building!!  (Well, I mean hopefully we're building!)

[Also, I have received a nice sized cache of books in the mail & from bookstores over the past couple of weeks, about forty new books altogether, I believe (sometimes it's just so difficult to keep track of!)  I will probably list the majorly important ones here, and hopefully see what my amazing friends think of them.]

edited 9.27.13[Mother of God, please help all the addicts out there suffering, amen.]

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