"Cuba 2012" A Fabulous BBC Documentary!!

Great documentary!! The ballerina he interviews at around 7:00 minutes is so adorably, beautifully, cute & perfect!!  I honestly have the biggest crush on this Spanish piece of art right now!!  I suddenly have the urge to explore & learn more about the Cuban ballet!!  I could use a piece of positivity, especially after watching that disgusting documentary about the chick who had six nose job & is going for her seventh!!  Uggggghh!!   Disgusting!! What the heck is wrong with people, that they would spend thousands & thousands of dollars on fucking tummy tucks, nose jobs, chin lifts, forehead folds, and all that other b.s.??  Excuse me, but is there something I'm missing here?!?  LOL, I have seen these documentaries before--the woman who thinks she is faaaaaat, when she weighs 68 pounds! "Addicted to Surgery" with that crazy lady who has had almost 100 surgeries to date, and she, "STILL wants mooooore!" (With the whiniest & creepiest damn voice ever, since her larynx was damaged by going under the knife!!)
Yeah, I get addiction (duh!) I get low self-esteem. I get agoraphobia. But c'mon, get real. Some of these women are very, very pretty. Who cares if you don't look exactly like that shitty reality TV chick? Who cares if you are a little "thick?!" Deal with it. Don't spend your hard earned money on stupid plastic surgery!! That's completely nuts. I've been thinking about this a lot lately....especially as I've been getting older myself, getting chubbier (not getting a chubby....LOL) more out of shape, etc. Then I watch this Cuba documentary.....a piss poor country, with this absolutely stunningly beautiful ballerina who probably has sub-optimal equipment & paraphernalia, who probably HASN'T had a bunch of disgusting nose jobs, tummy tucks, etc. And probably relies on good ole' hard work to get where she is. Amazing/unfuckinbelievable.  At the same time!

Just watch this doc: Cuba is so beautiful!! I despise Communism, Bolshevism, Socialism, and any other kind of fascist b.s. government & state sponsored crap!! About as deplorable as Zionism, which is actually WORSE than National Socialism, aka Nazism. Fodder for another rant, I suppose. My belief & hope: "Cuba: America's 51st State!"
Love you, xoxoxoxo

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