Superhuman Strength, Incredible Sexual Prowess--

Nutty, wild, insanely vivid dreams the past few nights!  What's going on?  Not that I mind having these crazy dreams, but it's a bit overwhelming.  Last night I dreamt the world was ending & I was on some kind of huge, giant craft--like a submarine only it wasn't underwater--and there were hundred's if not thousand's of other people on board with me.  I was partnered up with some cute girl and we were looking for the safest place to be on the ship!  I guess we were trying to hide our bodies, while also having sex, as some sort of gigantic storm was about to pass over us.  It was like a weird kind of wind/solar/heat storm that also carried a humungous snake-like creature with it!  This "snake" or dragon was attempting to squeeze through one of the somehow open windows of the vessel.  I could see it.  It was terrifying.  We eventually reached our destination, which was a new and recreated version of Earth!!!  Somehow this girl & I were still running.  I got the feeling her & I were outlaws and we were wanted by the invading "creatures."  These creatures had successfully brainwashed the remaining humans into doing whatever they wanted them to do.....Just so fuckin' weird & scary.  I don't know what to make of it. m//r

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