"Our Whole Attitude & Outlook Upon Life Will Change"--

I have been reading & re-reading many of my Buddhist "self-help" books lately.  There is something that I have been desperately been wanting to work on for a while now, and that is my extreme tendency to worry...  "Worrying is being afraid of being afraid."  Or, "worrying is borrowing pain that hasn't happened yet."  I'm not exactly sure where those two quotes came from, so I can't give credit, but they are very succinctly stated!  I made a conscious decision to STOP worrying & STOP filling myself with unneeded anxiety.  Tomorrow hasn't happened (yet) & nothing can be done about yesterday, it's finished.  Almost everything happening in my world is out of my control.  I need to fully surrender to God and do my best to follow His will.  Let things fall into place where they may and not "force" things to happen.  As it stands now, I do pray "unceasingly" as it says in the Bible.  My prayer life isn't restricted to any certain time(s) of the day; I pray continuously.  At minimum I recite the Jesus Prayer often: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner."  I also ask Him for help each morning & thank Him for His help each night as I'm falling asleep.  I try to make a gratitude list daily--either in my head or on paper.  I know I have a lot to be grateful for, and I have things that many people would love to have.  However, I seem to worry unnecessarily.  I feel my stomach tied up in knots more often than not.  And my heart seems to be constantly racing or palpitating.  I'm probably a good candidate for an anti-anxiety med such as Xanax or Klonopin.  But those things cloud my mind and create more problems than they solve.  So these Buddhist books on eliminating worry from my life are a huge help.  Again, just making a conscious decision to STOP the worry & mind racing is a huge help.  This is a problem I will continue to work on and I will continue to write about.
 Stay happy & keep your head up, kiddo. m//r

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