Considering Deleting my Facebook Profile // New Books Rec'd & Unearthed--(edited 20.07.13)

I have had it with Facebook! The more I hear about our information being used for nefarious purposes, the angrier I become!  I'm not sure what to do though....I erased/deleted most of my private info I stupidly put up there in the first place. But I really do like seeing photos of my many relatives that are posted on FB. Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

I'm almost finished with "The Celestine Prophecy," a book I've owned for over a decade but hadn't read until now. I was please to learn yesterday that there are a few others in the series! Yay! That makes me happy! Also, I had two days off from the crazy, extreme Art Fair weather. I work next tomorrow afternoon, and then Sat. & maybe Sunday, we'll see.

I've got a whole new box of books to donate to the "Friends of the Master" house! (Formerly "Our Father's House.")  I have already donated three boxes of books to them, mostly Catholic, Christian, and other spiritual topics. I am happy to be spreading the wealth! Besides, I CANNOT throw books away! It's just impossible for me to do. It would seem like such a waste, eh?!

Got this book in the mail today: "The Mind of the Universe"  -by Mariano Artigas

Pulled this one out of the bottom of a box: "A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain"  -by Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos

(Edit-20.07.13) Some more goodies that are worthy of re-discovering:

"The Dream World of H.P. Lovecraft: His Life, His Demons, His Universe"
  -by Donald Tyson
[Amazon book link]

"The Coming of God"
  -by Maria Boulding
[Amazon book link]

"Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind & Spirit"
  -by Daniel Quinn  (OK, I've never actually read this all the way through!)
[Amazon book link]

"The Holy Gospel: A Byzantine Perspective"
  -by John S. Custer
[Amazon book link]

"The Mystics of the Church"
  -by Evelyn Underhill
[Amazon book link]

"The Transcended Christian: Spiritual Lessons for the 21st Century"
  -by Daniel A. Helminiak
[Amazon book link]

"Saint Charbel"
  -by Paul Daher

"A Concise History of the Third Reich"
  -by Wolfgang Benz, trans. by T. Dunlap
[Amazon book link]

"Glimpses of the Church Fathers"
  -by Claire Russell  (this is the kind of little book that you read in spurts,
and revisit over & over again for it's depth of wisdom!)
[Amazon book link]

"The Evolution Handbook"
  -by Vance Ferrell  (this not-so-little book is so packed full of absolutely mind-blowing & mind-numbing facts that it just begs to be read a few pages at a time! To read anymore than that in one sitting is risking a brain freeze!)

"The Dead Sea Scriptures: An English Translation"
  -with an intro & notes by T.H. Gaster
[Amazon book link]

The one thing that would make my life truly complete and happy, joyous, and free at this point would be to re-connect with the little vegan photographer out there.  Yeah, I said it: I still love you & I still miss you.  Please, PLEASE forgive me for my past transgressions & mistakes.  I was wrong.  I screwed up.  Let's bury the hatchet & try again?  Please? ♥♥♥ m//r

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