"The Whole Jewish, Illuminati, Federal Reserve, Israel, Zionist, 9/11 Con" Controversial Video // Please Watch

...I may not agree with ALL of this, but Mr. Pierce does have many great, accurate, pithy, & succinct points.  Please watch this short video with an open mind, and then think for yourself, do your own research, and enter into debates & discussions with kindness, love, and well meaning
But don't hate.  It's just NOT worth it.  That is exactly what the crooked Zionist kosher killers of Wall St. & the Federal Reserve have been doing for the past several decades.  I will not fall for their hate.  My blood sometimes boils & I'm filled with anger, but I refuse to hate any longer.  This entire world is polluted with it.  I'm opting for love, understanding, and acceptance.  However, we still need to spread the word about exactly WHO the 1% is and the incredible influx & influence from a TINY minority of the American people collectively known as the Jews.  Again, I do not hate them & not all folks of Jewish heritage are "evil" or "out to get us."  But when you do the research (and it's not all that hard) you will learn some starting new facts that you most likely have NEVER known about before.  Good luck, and keep on keeping on.
Use love. 

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