The EXPLOITED "Death Before Dishonour " Released in '87--

WOW, this is a great album! I've never heard it before. The only real EXPLOITED album I ever owned was the cassette version of "Live at the White House." Had that bad boy back in high school and I listened to it almost non-stop! Such a great album! Later on I heard them on one of those Oi! compilations, can't remember the name of the comp., but it seems like there were AT LEAST ten or more of them. "Oi! Chart Busters  maybe (???)

Well, enjoy this one, I know I am!

Another Friday night here in Little Detroit. Stayed sober all day, went to Eucharistic Adoration at 10pm - 11pm with Br. Mike & Br. Dave from the Benedictine monastery in Oxford, MICH. Had a very relaxing hour in front of & with, Jesus Christ. 'Twas a great way to wrap up my evening. I think I'm gonna stay up most of the night & edit this here blog. Maybe this weekend I'll re-do my Flicker page, and touch up my Tumblr. Might even condense some of my play lists on my Youtube channel. I think I ought to permanently post links, here on m//r, to all my other online manifestations. Yeah, that sounds like a plan for the weekend. Probably go to the huge AA meeting on Sat. night. Of course Sunday is the usual: Morning Holy Mass, followed by some reading here, then a nap, then some more reading.

LOL, listening to EXPLOITED always will remind me of the feud between SLAPSHOT & them. More like Choke (singer of SLAPSHOT) vs. Wattie. SLAPSHOT wrote that awesome song, "Punks Dead, You're Next" that appeared on the great "Sudden Death Overtime" LP in '88 or so. Some kids in Boston made the infamous stencil, to be spray painted everywhere, of a profile of Wattie in the cross hairs of a rifle, with the words, 'Punk's Dead, You're Next' above it! Man, when I was a teenage young punk hanging out in Boston, I saw that (now) iconic stencil all over the place, especially painted on the backs of leather jackets worn by straightedge kids & skinheads. Fun times. Fun times for sure. ♥
Take care of each other. m//r

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