" PSYCHEDELICKY Pt.1 " Playlist by Vadermask Check It Out // Remember We Are All Unique Beings--

I've got some pretty sweet playlists on my YouTube channel that are worth checking out!
This one is chock full of psychedelic music, as is part 2 of this theme! I think you will discover a bunch of new bands & artists by checking this out. I know I did, and that's why I decided to make some compilations of psychedelic rock-n-roll & folk music. I've also got some rad comps. of "death rock, dark-folk, pagan-folk, & Gothic music" on my channel, as well as other various interesting things!  David Icke says that we are each like an antenna, pulling in our own channel of knowledge & information in this world. I may not have explained that as eloquently as he does, but i think you catch my drift. And shit, if it isn't so true! If you look at this blog, my YouTube channel, my Tumbler & Flicker accounts, you will see a unique composition of who I am. sure, it won't be a complete picture of me, but it's a small representation. Nothing will replace face to face conversation, however. My human shell of a body is pulling in a completely unique set of "signals" thrown around by this material universe. Word to the wise.

Go easy. Step lightly. Stay free.
Get in to it! ♥  m//r

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