Large Project Underway at the M//R HQ!!!--

It's late right now (2:00 a.m. Fri nite / Sat a.m.) and I'm in the middle of starting a big project.  Sorting through thousands of books and fanzines in my storage units.  I want to post meaningful quotes from the tons of 'zines I have, as well as scan a lot of them.  I've gotta' find that blog that posts scanned fanzines from the hardcore scene.  There's also a blog that posts full fanzines from the vegan/animal liberation scene of the 80's, 90's, & 00's.  I've got some "Dressed In Black" & "Arkangel" fanzines--for the radical Animal Liberation Front types out there. I plan on getting dozens if not hundred's of fanzines scanned in the next couple of weeks.  I've also got tons & tons of flyers to scan into this here computer!
Yep, I'll have my hands full for a while!

Keep the faith! m//r

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