Jenny Woo "Stronger" Oi! Chick Playing Acoustic Guitar & Singing!--

This is really weird & different. Couldn't figure out if I liked it at first. But I decided that I do like it. Like one of the comments posted on YT says, "Chick dressed in Oi! gear playing Americanised music." that about sums it up. Check it out & tell me what you think. I know one thing for certain --she's smokin' hot! My dream girl, essentially. ♥♥♥

I love a cute chick with a chelsea style hair do, Fred Perry polo shirt, Ben Sherman brand sweater, and shiny Doc Marten boots or shoes on her feet!  I remember always trying to get one of my old girlfriend's to dress like that, but she wasn't having any part of it! LOL, I guess I can't really MAKE or GET a byrd to dress how I want them to dress, but it's worth the suggestion, at least.  To me, the skinhead "style" if you will, has always been sharp in my eyes (no pun intended with the word "sharp").  I can easily see myself wearing my Doc's & Fred Perry's until I'm six feet under, but I don't see myself (not that I dress this way now) wearing a mohawk hair style, with ripped up black pants, dirty t-shirt, leather jacket covered in spikes & badges & patches, with scuffed up combat boots, when I'm old, grey, & bent!  I suppose camo shorts, band shirt, ankle socks, and new running shoes looks good too.  So I CAN dress in the hardcore "youth crew" style even when I'm a REAL old-timer, hahaha.

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