Paul Eisen Says, "Oh How I wish I Could Stop Posting David Duke"--

Here is a link to an interesting article written by blogger & mass intellectual, Paul Eisen, about him quoting & linking to articles written by Dr. David Duke. Dr. Duke is an extremely outspoken opponent of Zionism & Jewish control of our media & banks. Dr. Duke was, a loooong time ago, involved with the Ku Klux Klan, a racist organization. That was no less than 25 years ago, however. Dr. Duke has long since left the KKK and renounced his membership & ties to it. Yeah, many people will still hold this against him. I for one, believe in redemption and giving people another chance and the benefit of the doubt. Whatever. It matters not, to me, that he was part of the KKK at one time. Many of us have done ignorant things in our past, whether it's making off colored comments, holding idiotic views, or joining a st00pid group like the Klan. Anyway, Mr. Eisen is Jewish, as you may be able to figure out by his ethnic name. HOWEVER, he is NOT a Zionist--or Zionazi as we say--and never denies nor attempts to justify Jewish-Zionist control of the media & financial system in the U.S. Mr. Eisen's blog is almost completely dedicated to exposing this tangled web of Jewish manipulation of the American infrastructure. If you are one of the few people who think even TALKING about any of this is somehow RACIST in nature, than I feel sorry for you. Your eyes are not yet opened. Please, PLEASE do yourself a favor & watch Dr. Duke's newest video which he just finished & released, "Zionist Matrix of Power" available on YouTube (for the time being, anyhow!) And while you click on this link and read what Eisen has to say about Dr. Duke, also read some of the other blog posts by Mr. Eisen. It's nothing new (to me) but it's great to hear a Jewish man writing about it all. And remember, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, "Always Use Love"™.

Paul Eisen: Oh, how I wish I could stop posting David Duke  (link)

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  1. Dr. David Duke, former US representative, was also a member of the infamous Ku Klux Klan in his youth. He has long since renounced his Klan sympathies. I DO NOT back/support the KKK! Not many reasonable people do. On the other hand, I DO NOT hold this fact against him now in 2013. I firmly believe in redemption & second (& third & fourth) chances. Lord knows I have asked & been granted many, many "second chances."
    I also do not support other hate groups such as the ADL (the Anti Defamation League) or Baha'i B'nith or whatever the hell they are called. Additionally the latter are MUCH MORE powerful & well funded, therefore more of a current threat.