AMERICAN FOOTBALL "s/t" album in it's entirety!

Here for you listening pleasure we have to entire self-titled album from the band AMERICAN FOOTBALL! Get into it! Actually I don't know much about these guys except that I remember hearing a lot of hype about them in the late 90's. Who is in this band? Isn't it a guy named Tim who was in CAPP N JAZZ & maybe BRAID and/or PROMISE RING? And weren't these guys from Chicago? Yes I could just hop over to Google and find out all the necessary info, but I prefer trying to wrack my brain and squeeze out the information! I'm listening to this as I write this, and it's very pleasant. Late 90's indie rock, the type you would hear at any of a number of hardcore fest's! Remember, indie rock, punk, metal AND hardcore at all the hardcore fest's? Michigan Fest of course being me favorite! Give this your undivided attention, please!


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