AMBOY DUKES " Journey To The Center Of The Mind " Ted Nugent! Psychedelic Rock!

This has always been my favorite AMBOY DUKES song! For those who don't know, that was Ted Nugent's--The Nuge!--first band. An awesome psychedelic-hippie-rock band from the '60's. This song, "Journey to the Center of the Mind" is ostensibly about LSD & hallucigenic use. Funny thing is though, Ted Nugent is VERY anti-drug use! Supposedly he has been his whole life. I heard--this is just a rumor--that he said he "didn't know this song was about drug use & tripping on LSD!" Yeah, right. I find that pretty hard to believe! This song was so popular & seemed to be the soundtrack to many hippies acid trips. But whatever the case may be, I really don't care. Sure, The Nuge is very pro-gun, conservative, a hunter, etc. He still made some great music in his earlier days. I'm pretty conservative myself, though I'm not a hunter (never hunted in my entire life and don't see what all the hoopla is about. So many of my friends talk about how much fun they have hunting and hanging out in the woods getting drunk with their pals. Sounds like the comraderie is the most important factor.) and I don't own a gun. I don't too much care about a musician's lifestyle or political bent, I enjoy the music regardless. I love that YouTube is chock full of excellent, under heard psychedelic music! There are a ton more bands & songs I want to put on m//r, but I'm tired of making a new post for every damn song that I run across. So I think what I'll do is just make a small number of posts, with several songs in each one. Maybe write something about the songs, how they make me feel, what they remind me of, etc. My passion is hardcorepunk, and that's the music that I know the most about, so I won't pretend like I know a lot about other genres. I don't know about other people, but I go through different moods with different likes. This moment I could be totally stoked on SKREWDRIVER, the notorious White Power band, and the next moment I could be all about The SPECIALS, the second wave Two-Tone ska band. Tonight I might be feeling the psychedelic rock sounds of the STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK then later listening to nothing but HATEBREED! In the morning it might be some monastic choir beautifully singing some ancient Russian Orthodox hymns, then I'll put on The CLASH & The BUZZCOCKS! My playlists very greatly, and I'm proud to say that I have a very eclectic taste in music. Now I'm getting off topic (is there ever REALLY a topic that I'm supposed to stick to?) but the two biggest genres of music I don't care for are contemporary hip-hop/rap & country! Yuck! Can't stand 'em! In the interest of full disclosure, I DO appreciate old, redneck country music: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Sr. & Jr., etc. And some of the early originators of rap music like: The FAT BOYS, RUN DMC, LL COOL J, BEASTIE BOYS, UTFO, etc. That was the shit is high school and it's still great today! OK, enough rambling. I've got some more editing to do here at m//r. Take care of each other. Use love. See ya' in the pit! ♥ m//r 


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