The Key Extended Entry Program [KEEP] // Methadone Treatment For Incarcerated Addicts--

The 'Key Extended Entry Program'  [KEEP] data from a methadone maintenance program for inmates in county jail, Rikers Island, NY.  Very interesting study & controversial conclusions. Controversial topic in general actually.  If we really want to treat addiction as a medical illness--a disease--what's wrong with using medication (methadone) to help addicts to achieve short-term or long-term recovery?  I know there are many purists in Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous who are dead set against using MMT (Methadone Maintenance Therapy) or other ORT (Opioid Replacement Therapy) such as Suboxone or Subutex to help drug addicts to recover.  I'm not one of those purists, though I think I kind of was at one time in the late 90's when addiction treatment was all very new to me.  Part of the 'herd mentality' that I associated with.  i was bright eyed & eager to become a serious & full time Certified Addictions Counselor (C.A.C.) and I basically ran with the theory that medication-free recovery was the ONLY way to truly call yourself "clean & sober."  But I've since been of the mind that each person is completely unique and each person has different needs for their own recovery.  Diabetes is a serious disease, and some diabetics need insulin--they are indeed insulin dependent--and others don't require it.  How ludicrous would it be for me to tell an insulin dependent diabetic, "you should get off that shit. You've been on insulin for XX amount of years now, do you want to be on it forever?"  LOL, that would be retarded of me to say.
Anyhow, this study is about addicts in the county jail who were maintained on methadone, and referred to an outpatient methadone clinic when they were released. It track the recidivism rates & relapse rates, etc.  Please read it, research some more, and make an informed decision. Also, pray for the addicts in your family & in your life. We all know one or some or are one ourselves. This addiction madness affects more people than you think.  As a recovering friend of mine is wont to say, "we aren't bad people trying to be good, we're sick people trying to get better."
Love sister, use love. ♥ m//r

'KEEP' Methadone Program Data for Incarcerated Individuals (link)

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  1. Alcoholics Anonymous has no formal stance on this (or any "outside issue") though Narcotics Anonymous DOES. Something that was only formalized in recent years, long after their founding in 1953.