Talk By Mark Weber From The IHR (w/mp3 link)

Here we have an excellent talk from Mark Weber, president of the Institute for 
Historical Review.  The IHR is a prominent revisionist historical organization
here in the United States.  They used the publish an awesome journal called
"The Revisionist."  I have an old issue printed in 1998 or so.  Fantastic, high
quality, well researched articles focused on revising history & historical items.
First & foremost on their agenda is Holocaust™ revisionism.  Some more ignorant
and closed minded people erroneously call this "Holocaust™ denial."  This is
wrong and laughable!  For the most part no one is "denying" this so-called "holocaust"
which has been co-opted into "The Holocaust™."  I put the trademark symbol on
there because Jews, for the most part, have stolen, hijacked, and adopted this word
to be used exclusively for the holocausting of European Jewry from 1939 - 1945
by Germany and other countries under National Socialism & the infamous Adolf
Hitler (who I am of course no fan of).   It has long been touted as "fact" that six
million innocent Jews were brutally tortured and murdered by the Nazi's.  Currently
the preferred thesis is that they were killed in "homicidal gas chambers," starved to
death, worked to death, or shot with guns & bullets.  In the 1950's one of the 
popular pieces of propaganda was that Jews were systematically slaughtered by
being electrocuted by standing barefoot on metal floors that had large amounts of
voltage & amperage run through it!!!  I kid you not, this was also touted as "fact."
At that time it was also rumored, which turned into "fact" that Nazi's used innocent
Jews & Jewish skin to make lampshades!!!  Next was the Nazi's using Jewish fat
to make soap!!!  Also at that time it was a "fact" that EVERY SINGLE work camp
the Nazi's ran, throughout Europe, had some kind of "homicidal gas chambers" there
to kill innocent Jews, Gypsies, Catholics, queers, and Jehovah's Witnesses, among
others.  A few years later in became a "fact" that NO GAS CHAMBERS existed 
anywhere in Germany proper.  Anyhow, long story longer, Auschwitz work camp,
located in Poland (not Germany like many mis-informed people think) eventually
became synonymous with "homicidal gas chambers" and was said to be one of about
a half dozen or so that existed.  This was also touted as a "fact."  Ironically there has
NEVER been an actual scientific inquiry or investigation into this latter information.
I mean seriously, that's like accusing, trying, and convicting someone for murder 
without ever investigating it, but simply going by hearsay and mass hysteria!!!  WTF?!?
Groups like IHR, CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust), The Barnes
Review, and several others, exist primarily to do some investigating that was NEVER
done in the past.  There are so many great videos, books, lectures, etc out there that
go more deeply into all of this.  I have read many of these books and they are NOT
written by Nazi's, neo-Nazi's, or Nazi sympathizers, for the most part.  They are written
by nerdy historians & college professors with PhD's and other advanced degrees.
Germar Rudolf is a PhD chemist who was imprisoned for speaking about and asking
questions about the holocaust™!!!  Can you believe that--in fifteen countries, mostly
in Europe, it is a felony punishable by prison time for asking questions or attempting
to do independent research on the European Holocaust™ of innocent Jews!!!  I shit 
you not, Google is your friend, look into this!  Why the hell does the "truth" need to
be protected with jail time???  What if it was a felony to ask questions about the 
Battle of Waterloo?  What if it was a felony to ask questions about Black slavery 
in America?  What if it was a felony to ask questions about the American Civil War?
This is insane, scary, and a sign of the Jewish Zionist dominated media, US govt,
and worldview in general.  It makes me fuming mad, because I have a number of
Jewish friends who are decent, hard working, honest people who don't approve
of this crazy shit going on.  
I could write pages & pages about this topic and it's something that I love talking about!
Thank God for me I live in America where (for now) it's still legal to ask questions!!!

Excellent talk by Mark Weber about his visit to Iran (link)

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