" Resonance: Beings of Frequency " Full Movie

Excellent documentary! Cell phones & cell phone towers are destined to give us
all cancer!  It is only now, 10 - 15 yrs after the massive onset of cell phone use, 
that we are seeing the ill results of being tethered to our collective cell phones!
Scary!  This documentary is professionally made & extremely eye opening!
I for one learned a hell of a lot.  I'm quite scared now. I don't own a "smart 
phone" nor do I spend more than ten minutes a day on my cell phone. I do like
to send & receive text messages, however.  Rather I own a cheap, old school style
cell phone.  nothing fancy.  I have a land line in my house (though it's a wireless
"deck phone" and I think those are almost as dangerous) and I make most of my
phone calls on that phone.  
Seriously, we are only beginning to learn of all the negatives associated with wide
spread cell phone usage.  Who knows what the future will bring.  
>>>Enjoy this great video! ♥♥♥ 

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