" Missing Links: The Definitive Truth About 9/11 " Great Documentary!

Exactly WHAT are the Zionists, aka "Zionazi's" up to? Check out the video,
keep an open mind, and watch carefully. Digest it all. Cross reference all
the sources. Do your own research. The truth may shock you! In fact, I'm
sure it will! Why is America swinging from Israel's kosher nuts? Why are
we giving them untold billions of dollars in aid every year? Meanwhile,
they are holocausting the Palestinian people as we speak. Treating the
Palestinians a hundred times worse than the Germans EVER treated THEM!
And why wasn't Israel ever prosecuted or punished for bombing the USS Liberty
ship a few decades ago? Do you even know that Israel killed 25 American
soldiers in cold blood? Well, now you do. Investigate it. Look into it.
Israel is a rogue terrorist state. They must be stopped at all costs!
Remember, "Never Again!"

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