Great Video! "Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans So Stupid?"

This is a fantastic, well done, and informative, short documentary on the "hidden"
details of truth that are conveniently left out of traditional teaching on the German
Holocaust™ of European Jewry!  I admire the narrator as well as the creator of 
this fantastic video!  We revisionists need to get the truth out to as many people
as we can.  It takes an open mind & the ability to suspend your disbelief for a mom-
ent to be able to swallow all of this.  I would strongly suggest those of you not stifled
by Big Brother™, the New World Order™, Zionist Occupied Govt / Media, the brain
washing of Barry O (aka Barrack Hussein Obama), to check out the video "Two Thirds
of the Holocaust" (available on YouTube).  That will blow your mind and hopefully 
make you furious as to why you were never taught these truths in school.  From there
I would suggest the great book, "Synagogue of Satan" by Texe Marrs.  Author is a 
real Evangelical Christian (something I do not support) but I was able to set aside my
prejudices and preconceived notions, CAN YOU???

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