Elie Wiesel and His Famous Tattoo--

This man is famous. He wrote a book called, "Night" recounting his
experiences in the work camps of Europe during WWII. He says that
he was at Buchenwald, and is even in a very famous photograph (you have
probably seen it--b&w photo of inmates laying on a four or five tier
bunk bed system, with one partially naked skinny man standing up.)
There are many, many people who say that Elie Wiesel is a total sick
fraud, and that he was NEVER at Buchenwald or any other work camp for
that matter. These same people say that Mr. Wiesel DOES NOT have a tattoo
on his forearm, as all inmates were given back then. For my part, I
am uncertain what to believe. But I do know that so far, Mr. Wiesel
has been unwilling to show ANYONE his alleged "tattoo."
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Elie Wiesel Cons the World Appeal to Students // A Blog Dedicated to Finding Out the Truth About Elie Wiesel's Tattoo (link)

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